The New!

welcome to crossfit9.comWelcome!

Whether you are a charter member who has been with us for the past five years, or someone who is just starting to think about taking the step of signing up with CrossFit9, we are glad you are here!

As CrossFit9 turns five years old this week, the website is getting a total makeover.  The old site has served us well since the very beginning.  It was homemade, gritty, and got the job done– and that’s what the spirit of CrossFit is all about!  We kept what was awesome about the old site– all of your old WOD archives and comments are still right here– while adding some new functions.  Some of them will make vital information easier for you to find (like scheduling and payments), while others (like our social media feed on the homepage) are just for fun!  Keep the feedback coming!

Big thanks to 9’er Andi Graham and her team at Big Sea Design & Development for making the new site a reality.  In the CrossFit world, we call that kind of long, hard work a “chipper”!  And thanks most of all to YOU, because without your support, there wouldn’t be a CrossFit9!

WOD on, 9’ers!

-The CrossFit9 Staff