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TGIF, #9Nation! If you still feel like geeking out over 19.1, check out this Data Crunch by the peeps at Morning Chalk Up Become a more aware of your lifestyle habits. Check out these unhealthy norms that you probably don’t even think twice about! A CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Weightlifter, and Bodybuilder go head to head. Who… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! Weightlifting can be an intimidating scene, but we got your back! Tackle your fear of weightlifting with these tips… then put our awesome weightlifting sessions on your calendar! Monday 6:30-8:00 PM and Friday 5:30-7:00 PM.) Custom Made CrossFit burned to the ground along with most of the town of Paradise, California. But they are… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! • Check out the 10 Best-Selling Infomercial Products of all time (and how much money they have generated). The numbers are pretty shocking. • Former CF9 Coach Steve Ashton makes a case for eating more bitter foods in his latest blog post Bitter Is Better. • Too good to be true?? Israeli Scientists Claim They’re On… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation!  There are a myriad of reasons you may not be losing weight. Some simple things you can change to get better results! We loved this article on why we should take smart rest days, and what they should look like. Hint: not just lounging on the couch! Check out these 12 strategies for… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! • Five Practices from Deep Work by Cal Newport that will change your life! Check out the whole book for more great practices. (Several of our coaches are big fans of his work.) •  A scientifically proven trick for remembering pretty much anything. Sign us up! • Even if you aren’t the “artsy” type, maybe you… Read more »

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Happy end of 2018, #9Nation! There’s a really important difference between motivation and discipline, and getting familiar with these tips could help you stay consistent in the new year. Ugh, it seems like the cold is going around again. Here are some tips to get rid of it, stat.  Here are a few tips for… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! • Becoming Is Better Than Being. “It’s not about pass/fail. It’s not about whether or how well you can do certain things. It’s about what you’re becoming by doing those things.” Words of wisdom from CompTrain founder Ben Bergeron. • Who says the holidays can’t be paleo? Bring these Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bites to your… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! • Why you should park the cart next time (and everytime) you leave the grocery store! •  Drop your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and pick up some JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) #JOMO All Day! • For all you burpee lovers out there. How To Do Burpees Like A Champion contains some tips on how… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! • The recent changes at CFHQ and new format of the CrossFit Games has left us wondering how this will affect the CrossFit Open. Answers are beginning to emerge with the release of The 2019 CrossFit Open dates. •  A reminder that we are all here for different reasons, and these reasons can vary… Read more »

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TGIF, #9Nation! Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? Find out in this fascinating TED Talk with David Epstein, who takes a deep dive into this question. Should red meat really be so demonized? Our very own Steve Ashton explores this question, and makes a case for eating red meat. Smash your negative self talk with… Read more »