CrossFit9 – CrossFit WOD


This week, we’re beginning a snatch cycle. Athletes may choose to work on squat or power snatch during this cycle. The goal is to pick one and begin building strength/technique.

Power Snatch (4 x 3)

*Athlete’s choice to work on power or squat snatch.

Reset bar at the floor

Work your way up to a moderately heavy (not more like 75% of 1RM) but technically sound set of 3.

Drop Snatch (3 x 5)

As accessory: light/ bar only


Metcon (Time)

7 rounds for time:

100m run or 250m bike erg

5 devil press

10 DB weighted step-ups (24in/20in)

L1: 25/15+

L2: 35/25+

L3: 50/35+

Time Cap: 20 minutes