The 2018 CrossFit Open: A How-to Guide for CrossFit9

The 2018 CrossFit Open is already heating up! Let’s get started.

The Open is OPEN!

Registration is open and CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro dropped 18.0 last week. We’re already getting a taste of spicy workouts, changing standards and the equipment that could be used in this year’s Open.

All of that begs the question… What the heck is the CrossFit Open anyway? Read on to find out.

First, some helpful links:

What is the Open?

The Open is one of the most fun community-building events of the year. It’s 5 weeks, with one new workout announced each weekend. Everyone around the world does this same workout! There are scaled variations, masters, scaled masters… so EVERYONE can and should do the CrossFit Open!

So… How Does CrossFit9 Administer the Open?

We know the CrossFit Open means lots of different things to different people. Whether you’re a certified firebreather looking to throw down, or a CrossFit newbie still scratching your head, wondering what the heck the Open is, we have a participation option for you.

crossfit open crossfit 9 st pete fl

First, you’ll need a judge. Unlike previous years, unless you have plans to go to Regionals (and let’s be honest – most of us don’t), your workout can be judged by one of the other athletes competing in the Open. The Open movement standards will be reviewed each week by our coaches so that everyone knows exactly what counts as a rep – and what doesn’t. We still highly encourage all participating athletes to complete the Judges Course, because it will not only make you a more knowledgeable judge, but a more successful athlete, too.

Thursday Night Live Watch Party: Every Thursday night you’ll see a live watch party at 8:00 PM. We stream CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro’s weekly announcement on our projector.

Friday Night Fight: No reservations necessary for this “fight night”-style event! A pair of featured athletes will take on the weekly workout first. After that, we’ll organize heats for all the remaining athletes. You’ll be signed up for one judging slot and one performance slot. Be sure to get warmed up ahead of your turn! (This is a great event to watch and to participate in!)

Saturday Morning: You’ll need to RSVP ahead of time at > Calendar to reserve your spot. Time slots are half an hour long, so be ready and warmed up to go at your allotted time. You must also be ready to judge one of your fellow athletes following your reservation time. If you have the last reservation time of the morning, please arrive early (earlier than your warm-up time) to judge your fellow athlete.

IMPORTANT: If you can’t make it to one of these times, it’s your responsibility to organize a one-on-one session with one of our many volunteer judges. 

Monday Evening Deadline: It’s the athlete’s sole responsibility to enter workout results at before Monday 8pm EST. There are no exceptions for late results, and we cannot do this for you. If you miss a deadline, you will not be able to officially complete the rest of the Open.

Drop-In Athletes

You’re more than welcome to join us for one of the above mentioned sessions. Please be sure to click here to make your reservation online ahead of time. With spring break and the Open, this tends to be a very busy time of year.

Eh, I Don’t Know If This is For Me…

Not quite convinced? Here’s a little taste of what the Open excitement looks like here at CrossFit9: This video is from 2016, but we still think it’s pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves…