9’er Stories: Joey Romanik’s year of transformation

“Before this, I couldn’t run 800m, now I’m running 7 miles. I couldn’t do 4 unbroken burpees, now I can do 30. I couldn’t do 10 push-ups, now I can do 25. I couldn’t do a pul-lup, now I can string together 5.”

9’er Story: Nic’s open letter to moms

nic screws postpartum fitness crossfit 9 st pete fl

“I will always remember the year I joined CrossFit9 because it was the same year my daughter was born—2016. I sent my husband down ahead of our big move from Brooklyn to DTSP to find us the perfect home and gym. Instead he found Zack & the rest is history.  I jokingly tell people I… Read more »

CF9 Stories: Jenn Tried Everything Before Finding CrossFit9

Jenn Kominsky crossfit 9 st pete fl before and after photos

We recently said “see you later” to our dear friends and members, Jenn & Bobby. As the couple takes on their next great adventure in Colorado, we wanted to take a moment to recognize how far they both came during their time at CrossFit9. By the time Jenn Kominsky found CrossFit9 in August 2017, she… Read more »