Duncan M.

Name: Duncan McCalla

Age: 36

Fitness background:  “Not much really. The usual gym routine, running, outdoor activities like mountain biking.”

How long have you been CrossFitting?: “Started at Crossfit Unleashed over in Tampa in February 2012.”

Least favorite CrossFit exercise or WOD?:  “If only this was Double Jeopardy. What are overhead squats?! Anyone who has been at the box on OHS day is almost sure to know of my disdain for them.”

Favorite CF exercise or WOD:  “Power cleans. I actually like burpees too.”

Why do you keep coming back to CF9?:  “I really enjoy the group atmosphere and the motivation I get from it. Helps me get up in the morning now that I usually attend the 7 AM class. I also like the fact that the workouts are programmed and we have awesome coaches to guide us through it all. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. If I had to go back to doing it all on my own like I used to in the regular gyms, I don’t think I would get the results that I get here. Beyond all of that, I just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and Crossfit helps me do that.”

Job/Occupation:  Managing Consultant at IBM.

Hometown:   “Technically Burgess Hill, England but I spent the majority of my youth in Lanett, Alabama. Yes, it was a culture shock!”

Favorite sports team:  Auburn Tigers

Favorite cheat food/meal: “Pretty much anything Italian. Pizza is very high up on the list.”

How do you spend your free time?:  “Going to the beach, travel, live music, pretty much anything that gets me out of the house I will do. I have a kayaking trip coming up that I am pretty excited about and I am trying to get back into mountain biking.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?:  “Sadly, I have never gone back to England since I moved to the U.S. at the tender age of 5, so that is the first place I would like to go.”

Favorite Quote:  “Since I hit 36 recently I am fond of  ‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter,” by Mark Twain.

What is your 3-month CF goal?:  “I know I have many things that I can improve on so picking out a certain movement or skill is not foremost in my mind. More than anything I want to stay consistent and I think that will result in improvements in other areas. I have a tendency to do well for a few weeks and then slack off on my diet or miss days at the box when I am “not feeling it”. Oh, and double unders. I still can’t do them after all this time. It’s kind of embarrassing at this point! Haha.”