Five Bullet Friday 171020

Our top five picks of the week!

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

-Marcus Aurelius

•  Whether you’re considering joining our 5:00 AM weekday WOD, or just need more time for productivity, read How to Get up (and be Productive) Earlier in the Day.

•  Whether you’re Paleo, vegan, Zone, keto, or have no idea what any of those things are, we can all agree we probably need to up our veggie intake. Here’s a foolproof way to roast ’em to delicious, crispy perfection.

•  Not limited just to sweaty metcons, kettlebells can be used for some pretty awesome hip mobility movements!

•  “Pop it, drop it” might work on the dance floor, but it will only get you so far when it comes to cleans. Let’s fix it with this awesome article by weightlifting coaching legend Greg Everett.

•  CrossFit9 isn’t the only affiliate under improvement. Help out our troops overseas in Qatar by throwing a few bucks towards their CrossFit Undisclosed GoFundMe campaign. (Check out the pics– they’ve been pretty crafty with what they have available!)

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