Introducing 9Fit Bootcamp!

Our #9Nation family is growing! We initially tested the waters by adding a class stripped of technical movements, and the response was clear. You wanted MORE!

This class now has a new name: 9Fit! It’s a simple name with a simple premise. All-around conditioning. No barbells. No advanced gymnastics movements.

Who is it for?

This is a class for the person who wants to sweat it out for an hour, plain and simple. It’s also particularly great for…

Weight Loss: No crazy gimmicks here. We rely on proven methods to get your heart rate up, and your metabolism primed for fat loss. The best weight loss exercise regimen is one that keeps your body guessing.

Endurance: This is an hour of constantly changing exercise intervals. Get bone-fortifying strength work even while your heart is pounding. Perfect for runners and other endurance athletes.

Beginning CrossFitters: Eyeballing our CrossFit classes? 9Fit will be your starting point. Here, you’ll gain confidence, cardiovascular conditioning, and learn many of the basic movements we use in our CrossFit classes.  (Some people will decide to stay in 9Fit indefinitely, and that’s cool, too!)

Check It Out!

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