The Prescription for fitness

This class is our CrossFit9 bread and butter. Programming follows the CrossFit Prescription of “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”.

For many, that prescription is what gets them in the best shape of their life.

That kind of fitness really means freedom. For you it could be the ability to go run a decent 5k road race on no notice. Maybe it's lifting a heavy bag of dog food into your cart without needing assistance. If you're a police officer it could mean the ability to pursue and subdue a suspect safely. And for a lot of folks, it means the freedom of feeling good in a swimsuit.

Whatever that looks like for you, don’t take our word for it… our 9’ers will tell you themselves!

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"Great trainers and community.

The instruction is the key. All the trainers watch your form and make sure you are safe while getting stronger."

– Will L.

"In a very short time Dane has taught me kipping HSPU and kipping pull ups. Zack helped out with pistols, he quickly pointed out strengths & weaknesses and recommended the best drills for the skill.

All of the coaches really spend the time assisting with form, efficiancy and functional movement. They are also good motivators! I am extremely happy to have found CrossFit 9."

– Jill H

"Excellent facility and equipment run by knowledgable coaches who care about your health and well being. Programming is A+ through the various types of classes offered each day."

– John G.

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