#9Nation Podcast Episode 11: How to Get Fitness Wins When 2020 is a Hot Mess

I think we can all agree that 2020 has - so far - been trash.

We're all feeling quarantine fatigue, we're exhausted, we're losing (or have already lost) motivation.

We're as aware as ever about the importance of our health. But making the continued investment can start to feel pointless when we're far off track from the 2020 health goals we had in mind.

Coach Megan shares some intel on how to keep your mind and body in the game, even when you can feel yourself losing steam.


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00:10 – Introduction: Florida wildin' out

00:37 – Quarantine fatigue

01:36 – What does success look like?

02:00 – Mindset reset: A new normal

03:00 – Changing our metrics for success

04:30 – What Coach Megan counts as a winning workout right now

05:30 – Working on weaknesses, changing bodies

06:20 – Taking the long view on our health 

07:30 – Taking the long view by trying something different, leaving room to grow

8:20 – Discipline without rigidity

9:30 – Small daily changes that drive long term results

10:10 – We've got this