April BINGO is here!

Staying fit while staying quarantined can totally happen.

And if you're a CrossFit or 9HIIT member, you can win prizes along the way!

Join us for April BINGO!

This thing is nice and simple.

Rules: You must complete the tasks detailed in 5 connected boxes, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. We've even got you started with a Free Space in the center just because we like ya. 😉

If you've completed any of the tasks listed since April 1st, be sure to mark those off the card, too!

Once you've completed your card, go ahead and shout. Then share your card on social media and type "BINGO!" along with a picture of your card.

We will randomly choose 2 members' posts and each will receive a $50 store credit!

To get your card, simply download your card or find it on our CrossFit9 social media and screen cap!

Have fun and good luck, 9ers!