August Challenge: Get Inverted

August is here and so is the CrossFit Games season! The big show starts Thursday August 1 and runs through Sunday August 4. There are a lot of new rules this year and plenty of opportunities to watch the Fittest In The World throw down once again. Check out this helpful event guide from BarBend that explains some of the key changes and how to stream the games online!

(We know you firebreathers will be sneaking peeks at your desks at work!)

To celebrate the Games, this month, we're working on our weaknesses. Specifically, our weaknesses around getting upside down.


For this month's challenge, we'll accumulate at least 2 minutes each day upside down.

Practice could include... wall-assisted handstands, wall walks, handstand push-ups (kipping or strict), freestanding handstands, or handstand walks.

Whatever you do this month, get to it and get upside down!


(Okay, anything but this...)

Really guys, not that.