Official Guide to the CrossFit9 Intramural Open

That's right, folks. Believe it or not, this year's CrossFit Open is nearly here! This is your handy guide to participating at CrossFit9.

Please keep your eye on this page, as we'll be adding some details over the next couple of weeks. 

This is your invitation!

Who: YOU! (Visiting athletes and #9Nation!)

What: The 2019 CrossFit9 Intramural Open

When: Scroll down for schedule!

CrossFit Games Open Logo 2019

19.2 Revealed  February 28, 8:00 PM at

19.2 All Friday in CrossFit WOD classes March 1. Please arrange your own judge to meet you.

19.2 Friday Night Fight  |  March 1, 7:00 PM. Heats will trade judging assignments. Theme: Pajamas!


Dropping in for the Open?

Visiting athletes are welcome to join us for Friday Night Fight! Please sign up online ahead of your visit, and we'll bring the pump-up jams, judges, and cheerleaders (and make sure your workout gets verified).


We're making a few changes this year, all in the name of making it more fun, more community-driven, and more inclusive. So if you're scared to dip your toe in, you're worried about aggravating an injury, or you're a firebreather who lives and breathes for competition, we've got you covered.

Introducing the CF9 Intramural Open

The first big change: We're going to run this thing as inclusively as possible. So you have a couple of options!

  • Join the CF9 Intramural Open with a $20 cash donation, and we'll pool the money to go towards Suncoast Animal League, a local nonprofit rescuing and rehoming animals of all kinds right here in the Bay Area. No official Games leaderboard necessary, unless you go on to....
  • Optional second step: Join the Official CrossFit Games Open to see how you stack up against every other athlete in the world! (You must register at Cost: $20

Team Format

This year we'll be splitting into loosely affiliated teams. Your team will be:

  • Your heat teammates at Friday Night Fight
  • The people you will turn to for help if you need a judge outside of Friday Night Fight
  • Competing alongside you for titles like Best Costume (spoilers!), Best Spirit, and more!

So don't worry too much if you know you can't compete on Friday. Your teammates will help you out.

Don't worry about flashbacks to getting picked last in P.E. dodgeball. We'll assign teams so you end up with a healthy mix of newbies and veterans, Rx and scaled. We want you to mingle with people you might not meet otherwise! (Update: Please see the community Facebook Group for your team assignment.)

When Will I do my WOD with a Judge?

The Open workout will be revealed in a live stream Thursdays 8:00 PM EST at The next day it will be our class WOD, so you'll be able to complete your WOD all day long. (However, if you need a judge, you'll need to BYOJ: Bring Your Own Judge.)

This year Friday Night Fight is the main event! This is the community-building bread and butter of our CF9 Intramural, and it is every Friday at 7:00 PM during the Open. This is when the lights are on, the music is blasting, cameras flashing, and you can tackle the workout alongside your team in heats. We highly recommend attending this event. This is where we will organize judges for you (and you'll return the favor for someone else).

We are phasing out the Saturday morning heats. However, you are welcome to do your WOD at any time during our plentiful Open Gym hours, so long as it does not interfere with a class. Please ask your teammates to help you as you need judges.

If you are entering an official score on the Games website, they are due by the following Monday at 8:00 PM EST. (We have until Wednesday evening 8:00 PM EST to verify them.)

To sum it up: If you need a judge at any time besides Friday Night Fight, please reach out to your teammates to make arrangements.

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How About the Judges' Course?

Last year, we asked many of you to take the Judges' Course, but we will not do so this year. (However, if you'd like to, please be our guest!)

In a departure from years past, CrossFit HQ is quietly deemphasizing the role of official, verified judges in the Open. That's because unless you are an elite athlete, or vying for a top 20-finish in your category, you do not need to have a verified judge watch your workout, just someone who is familiar with the standards.

Only the affiliate manager needs to be verified. If you need to enter a judge to verify your score at CrossFit9, please designate our Affiliate Manager Lindsay Alvestad as your judge on the online form.

If you are planning on making a run at an elite spot, please email Lindsay directly to make plans to be judged, and plan to bring a method of recording your video according to the Games Rulebook.

crossfit open judging crossfit 9 st pete fl

Are You In? Sign Up Here!

We can't wait for this Open season to get underway.

If you're a current CrossFit9 member, please make sure you're in our CrossFit9 + 9HIIT Community Facebook Group for updates on how to participate. (Not in that group? Let us know below!)

To let us know you're in for the CrossFit9 Intramural, get signed up on Eventbrite!

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