Movement Tip Monday: The Most Underrated Machine in the Gym

A one-stop shop for back strengthening, injury rehabilitation, and recovery. Let’s get to it!

Louie Simmons– legendary powerlifter, coach, and owner of Westside Barbell– created the Reverse Hyperextension Machine after he broke his back in 1973. He used the machine to rehab himself back into competition. So you know it’s got to be good!

With that in mind, we spent good coin on our own “Reverse Hyper” because it’s a Swiss Army Knife of sorts. We use it for athletes trying to get seriously strong, for back rehabilitation cases, and just about everyone should use it for injury prevention.

Did we mention the glute activation? As one CF9 Barbell athlete remarked this evening, “I love this thing! I feel like my butt is bigger already!”

Without further ado, Coach Zack and Sean show how to use the most underrated piece of equipment in the gym!

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