Our Top 5 Fitness Instagram Accounts Right Now

We’re always looking for functional fitness inspiration. These are the Instagram accounts we turn to again and again!

1. @FunctionalBodybuilding

Many CrossFitters turn up their nose at bodybuilding, but the aesthetic world has a lot to lend us as far as stabilizing isolation exercises and auxiliary movements. Four-time CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly bridges the gap between CrossFit and bodybuilding. It features a lot of great accessory movements.

2. @EMOMoftheDay

Work, rest. Work, rest. There’s something simple, succinct, and slow-roasting about a well-programmed EMOM (which stands for Every Minute on the Minute). We program them constantly at CrossFit9.

@EMOMoftheDay is run by CrossFit OG Jason Khalipa (winner of the first-ever CrossFit Games and owner of NorCal CrossFit) features a new EMOM every day! If you’re trying to get strong, learn new skills, or both, this is gonna be your jam.

3. @CompTrain.co

CompTrain is one of the premier programs in CrossFit at the moment, run by seasoned competitor coach Ben Bergeron. Curious about his cred? Bergeron’s athletes include multi-CrossFit Games attendees like Katrin Davidsdottir, Cole Seager, and Brooke Wells!

"The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. A belief that your abilities are carved in stone (the fixed mindset) leads to a host of thoughts and actions, and a belief that your qualities can be cultivated leads to a host of different thoughts and actions, taking you down an entirely different road.⠀ _⠀ Today, most experts agree that it's not either-or. It's not nature OR nurture, genes OR environment. From conception on, there's a constant give-and-take between the two. In fact, not only do genes and environment cooperate as we develop, but genes require input from the environment to work properly. People may start with different temperaments, and different aptitudes, but experience, training and personal effort take them the rest of the way”. -Carol Dweck⠀ _⠀ #Mindset #CompTrain #BuiltByBergeron #CrossFit⠀ 📷: @jordansamuelphoto

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4. @UpyourFitness

CrossFitters can take many cues from the calisthenics world. Coach Mike Marchese shows off some amazing bodyweight movements to inspire your fitness!

5. @KaisaFit

Kaisa Keranen, professional personal trainer, features fun movements that are great to incorporate into any HIIT workout, whether you’re at home or in the gym!

Ending this week with a 💥bang💥 #MedBallMadness

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Finally, follow @crossfit9stpete!

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➖4% BODY FAT ➖ 5 LBS. ➕ lean muscle, confidence, and clarity around healthy choices! • • • #Repost @mollypritcharddd ・・・ Honestly at a loss for words at how absolutely AMAZING the whole life challenge was. 39 days ago I cut out dairy, grains, and sugar from my diet… and my entire life has turned around. My BMI decreased from 28% to 23%. I lost weight, gained a lot of muscle. Outside of my diet and exercise, I got a new job and also began physical therapy for my sciatica. The whole life challenge taught me how to gain control of my life and the value in discipline. It truly couldn’t have gone any better. THANK YOU @crossfit9stpete FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #wholelifechallenge @wholelifechallenge

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