Start 2018 Right!

We’ve got the proven method to make 2018 your healthiest year yet.

make friends at crossfit9 st pete flNo, we’re not shilling gimmicks or “get fit quick” schemes.

Yes, you will have to work hard. (But smart! Yes, it can be done.)

Yes, we will cover all your bases. Think: Skill acquisition, performance, eating, sleeping, hydration, emotional health, etc.

Let’s talk about how we’re gonna get there.

The CrossFit9 Way

In setting out to plan our first quarter of 2018, we took into account a few things:

  1. Community Support. It’s pretty tough to be accountable to ourselves. But you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got a very tight-knit community of coaches and athletes ready to help each other win. (We lovingly call them #9Nation.)
  2. Affordable value. We believe people who invest in things that matter to them will get the most out of those things. So each of these things, while not free, are completely affordable. And we promise to over-deliver on what you pay for, because we genuinely want to see you win.
  3. Consistency > Intensity. In the war of consistency vs. intensity, consistency will win every damn time. You will not win if you are absolutely killing yourself in the gym, but only showing up twice a week. You will not win if you are extremely strict with your diet, only to fall off the wagon hard every couple days. You will not win if you are jumping from program to program, always thinking the answer is the next thing you saw on Instagram, or a newer, stricter diet, etc. Stay the course, and you’ll see results.
  4. Comprehensive health. Yes, your time in the gym absolutely matters. But so does your nutrition, sleep, hydration, emotional well-being, mobility, and so on.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

crossfit9 workshops st pete fl

Workshop Series

Realize it or not, your coaches are bursting at the seams with know-how, tips, and tricks that we just don’t have time to use in a single class. The result: We’re coming in hot in the specialty workshop department.

CrossFit9 athletes come in all skill levels, so many of these workshops will have a designated level attached. Please read the descriptions so you get the best possible results and experience out of your workshop. All of these workshops are capped at 10 athletes, with a ticket charge of $22.49. You must RSVP to attend.

In the first couple months of 2018, you’re going to see many seminars in the nutrition department, as well as movements traditionally seen in the CrossFit Games Open (which kicks off February 22nd). We know how A-MAY-ZING it is to tackle a milestone when the Open comes around… now let’s make it happen!

crossfit9 corey ark pull up workshop st pete fl
Upcoming Seminar Dates:

SOLD OUT: Bench + Deadlift Workshop (All levels) Sunday, Jan. 7, 10:15–11:45 AM

Nutrition Fundamentals + Psychology of Eating Sunday, Jan.14, 10:15–11:45 AM. New to nutrition? This is your starting line!

Level 1 Pull-Up Workshop Saturday, Jan. 20, 10:15–11:45 AM. Appropriate for people who can do zero pull-ups, or are new to pull-ups and want to get better.

Cooking for Health Sunday, Jan. 21, 10:15–11:45 AM. Not sure how to make your kitchen skills health-friendly? Attain healthy cooking zen in this workshop.

Level 2 Pull-Up Workshop Saturday, Jan. 27, 10:15–11:45 AM. Appropriate for kippers who want to learn how to butterfly and attain efficiency.

Level 1 Muscle-Up Workshop Sunday, Jan. 28, 10:15 AM–11:45 AM. Great for people who have zero muscle ups or cannot consistently make a muscle-up.

Rowing Workshop (All Levels) Saturday, Feb. 10, 10:15–11:45 AM.

Level 1 Double Under Clinic Sunday, Feb. 11 10:15 AM–11:45 AM.

These workshops are hot, hot, hot and we expect them all to sell out. Be first to know when they drop by signing up for our CrossFit9 Newsletter.

Whole Life Challenge CrossFit 9 St Pete FL

The Whole Life Challenge

What the heck is the Whole Life Challenge? Glad you asked. If you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, reduce inflammation, or just feel better in 2018, this is a must.

Check out Coach Jacqueline’s testimonial!

The January Whole Life Challenge is:

… a six-week health challenge running from January 20th – March 2nd, 2018.

… a gamified, comprehensive approach to creating healthy habits with a focus on consistency.

… tracked via an easy-to-use web app, and there’s even an app for iPhone and Android. The app will remind you to enter your points every evening, so you don’t even have to have a good memory!

… able to be done in conjunction with vegan, vegetarian, Whole30, IIFYM, Zone, Intermittent Fasting (IF), Ketogenic diets, and beyond. And if you are not on one of those diets, that’s fine, too!

tracking journaling whole life challenge

CrossFit9 Support

Sure, you could go it alone on the Whole Life Challenge, but we’ve been doing this a while and we’ve learned some very valuable ways to help you with some add-ons specific to our CrossFit9 team, including:

  • “Before and after” support. We’re going to meet to take down real data, including a benchmark workout, body fat, weight, and hip and waist measurements, and a before photo. We’re going to repeat the process six weeks later to create proof of your results.
  • Sub-Teams! This is where the magic happens. You’re going to have a small peer group to help one another stay accountable.
  • Facebook Live Q&A check-ins so you can ask questions and get the best possible results.
  • Our workshop and Facebook Live series will transition smoothly out of the end of this challenge through the entire first quarter of 2018 and beyond, so you’ll have an answer to the dreaded what’s next? 

healthy foodThe Whole Life Challenge is NOT:

… obsessive about perfection. Sure, you could keep all your points if you are super motivated. But if you lose a point here and there, don’t despair! You have many ways to make it up, mitigate the damage, and keep from falling off the wagon.

… limited to just nutrition. Any real progress will have to incorporate your whole approach, not just what goes into your mouth. In addition to nutrition, we’ll look at exercise consistency, mobility, sleep hygiene, hydration, emotional and mental well-being, and small group reflections for community support.

… food tracking or macro counting, though you can do those things along with this program. You will have a list of compliant and non-compliant foods.

Are you ready to go? Returning players: $39. New players: $49.

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Have more questions? Watch this recap of our Facebook Live where we break down most of the need-to-knows and answer common questions. And don’t be afraid to send us an email!

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Ready to Start at CrossFit9?

January is the perfect time to get started. We even have an Introductory Special of 3 months for $300 (valued at $480).

We start all of our new athletes with a one-on-one 60-minute consultation so we can talk about your health history, perform a basic movement assessment, get you into the programming and membership that suits your needs, and leave with a customized action plan. You’ll be ready to rock!

This one-on-one consultation is valued at $100, but we believe so much in our results, want to give it to you FREE. Sign up today!

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