February Challenge: Give up added sugar for one month

February’s challenge is to remove added sugar from your diet. No added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no honey, no agave, no syrup, and – you guessed it – no alcohol. One month of reading labels, eating mindfully, and changing your lifestyle for the better. Intimidated? Hear me out. February is a tough month. First of all,… Read more »

Time to rally, the next WLC is right around the corner

Hey you. Yeah you, in the corner with the sugary coffee creamer you swore you’d give up in the new year. I see you. I see those late night pizzas. I see you rushing out of the gym every morning to get to work without hitting up ROMWOD for those achy muscles. I see the… Read more »

The Whole Life Challenge is over… now what?

The Whole Life Challenge officially ended just over one week ago. After 6 weeks of hard work: meal prepping, stretching, hydrating, getting in those z’s, and much more; it all came to a close.   If you’re like me, over the last week, you may have indulged in some of the challenge’s forbidden foods. Maybe… Read more »

Paleo AF Granola Recipe

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means the inevitable temptation of Holiday desserts. But have no fear! Paleo granola is here to help you fuel smarter with zero added sugar – not even honey!  (That means it’s Whole Life Challenge Performance Level-friendly.) The best part? Every ingredient on this list can be bought in… Read more »

Pumpkin Pie Recovery Shake

protein pumpkin shake recipe crossfit 9 st pete fl

Hi guys, Coach Nick here! This is my first recipe, just in time for Five Bullet Friday! Today it is a festive pumpkin pie recovery shake just in time for this cool fall weather. It is a great way to get a good dose of nutrition in after a tough WOD. Feel free to play around… Read more »

Sleep, Sweat, and Eat Away Your Stress

Why Does Stress Need to Be Managed? All of us deal with stress. Whether it be from demands at the office, at home or in our personal lives, no one is excluded from the variety of stressors brought on by everyday life. Some people are more effective and successful at handling stress than others. However,… Read more »

Instagram Feed Me

3 Feeds to Follow for Nutritional Inspiration Flavor God @flavorgod Purveyors of unique and delicious seasonings, Flavor God boasts an impressive stable of low-sodium, chemical and filler-free products. Many seasonings are Paleo/Whole30 approved, and for all you meal preppers, this is a great way to take those same ol’ proteins and veggies to whole new… Read more »

7 No-Nonsense Holiday Nutrition Tips

Article originally published on earthtoforknutrition.com 1. Don’t Be a Wimp About Food Stop succumbing to the pressures of having to eat everything that’s available. The big payoff comes later when you realize how good you will feel from not eating too much or eating wimpy, overly carbed, sugary stuff that makes you feel like fluff. Take… Read more »