Featured Athlete: Brad Prescott

Masters Regional Qualifiers are upon us, and resident badass Brad Prescott is representing CrossFit9. No better time to sit down and see what makes this featured athlete tick. 


Nelson has been working out at CrossFit9 since April of 2012.

Deb F.

Age: 57 Fitness background:  Marathons, Tae Kwon Do, Black Cat Kenpo.  Prior to joining CF9, I was a member of the Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Team and competed with the Blade Runners, until a car accident forced me to stop paddling.  At the end of my rehab I started doing boot camps and TRX training for my… Read more »

Rebecca's CrossFit9 Story

“I was told to go ‘grab a 400’ with the other foundations students. After I found out what that meant and with my Olivia Newton John sneakers tied tightly, I started out the door running with everyone. I got to about 50 meters when I stopped for some air. I walked the rest of the… Read more »