Fit For What Podcast Ep. 7 Should you get an assessment?

Spoilers: The answer is probably!

In this episode, CrossFit9 Coaches Dane and Lindsay talk about:

  • What the assessments are. There are two. (and the first kind is FREE and easy!)
  • Why you'd want or need an assessment (and it's not just for injuries!)
  • How assessments can help us make your workout experience a truly custom one -- even in classes!

Get Assessed

Step 1 is a FREE and super-duper-easy Range of Motion Assessment.

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00:20 – Introduction - Coach Lindsay, and Coach Dane

00:38 – Who should get assessed?

01:15 – Types of assessments

          Step 1:  Range of Motion (ROM) Assessment

          Step 2: Strength Balance Assessment

02:42 – What to expect during a ROM assessment

05:40 – What is Strength Balance testing?

06:39 – Coach Lindsay’s application for her knee injury 

07:40 – Strength ratios - What are they? Why do they matter?

13:10 – Athlete anecdote - strength carry over between movements 

          How strengthening one movement can positively affect another 

14:25 – Breathwork 

          Stamina/Tension Testing (included in Strength Assessment)

Nasal Breathing

17:54 – How to to your Strength Balance Assessment 

          Self led testing via TrueCoach (an online programming platform)

19:20 – What movements are we testing?

21:20 – Options moving forward…

          Modify in class - May get you there in time

          Personal Programming (specific to YOU!) - Best results

24:08 – Personal Programming details

          Is it actually right for you? We will tell you!

26:15 – Physical Therapy 

27:05 – Programming for tendon health 

27:55 – Why you may need a more personalized program 

30:00 – On the fence? Is it worth it? Ask yourself...

          Can you afford not to do anything about it?

          If we paid you to stay in your current level of pain, would you take it?

34:00 – Conclusion - Interested in getting assessed? Book them here!