Grit Squad

You've heard it time and time again. The 'c' word.  We're talking about consistency!

It's the x-factor for great results.

It's the common denominator our most successful athletes have.

It's the thing that makes one person an athlete for life, and another, a fitness flash in the pan (or worse: Injured.)

Despite all these points, consistency just doesn't get a sexy reputation. But we're here to change that. That's where Grit Squad comes in!

Grit Squad CrossFit 9 HIIT St Pete FL consistency challenge

What the heck is Grit Squad (and how do I get in)?

Grit Squad is our ongoing consistency challenge to our members. It's driven by consistently checking into classes, and getting into Grit Squad means you're automatically entered for special prizes and incentives!


Attend 15 classes in a calendar month, and you're in Grit Squad for that month.

Prizes: You'll be entered into a drawing for prizes including two $50 CrossFit9 store credit vouchers!


Attend 15 classes each month for the quarter, and you'll be entered for even better prizes.

Prizes: You'll be entered into a drawing for prizes including two $100 CrossFit9 membership credit vouchers!


This is the big one to shoot for!

Make Grit Squad for in each month of the year. That means you're attending at least 180 classes. Truly an achievement towards better health!

Prizes: Attend 15 classes each month for a year, and you'll receive a SUPER limited edition black-on-black t-shirt. It can never be purchased, only earned.

In addition, all annual Grit Squad members will be entered into a drawing for a shot at a credit voucher worth THREE months of free membership!

grit squad crossfit 9 hiit st pete fl

The best part: This challenge rewards everyone who dedicates the time and effort to their health.

To enter all you have to do is show up to class, sign into Wodify, and get moving. We'll tally your attendance and announce monthly, quarterly, and annual Grit Squad members on social media.

Good luck. We can't wait to see you in class!

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