#9Nation Podcast Episode 12: Introducing Our Gymnastics Class!

Our August Specialty Class is here by popular demand: Gymnastics!

When it comes to all-around coordination, body control, and spatial awareness, gymnasts rule the athletic world.

In CrossFit we might not ask you to do back handsprings, but having a good grasp of the fundamentals can be helpful with nearly every aspect of your movement, bodyweight or not.

Host-Coach Megan sits down with our resident gymnastic specialist, Coach Dane, to talk all about our newest class.

If you're interested, join us Sundays 10:30 AM during August. Be sure to reserve your spot in Wodify, as spots fill up fast! Reservations open 48 hours ahead.

And don't forget our quick announcements about restarting Grit Squad and t-shirt pre-orders.


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00:00 – Announcements: Grit Squat + T-shirt orders

00:55 – Intro

01:27 – New gymnastics class! What, when & why?

02:24 – What are gymnastics in the scope of CrossFit?

03:00 – What the flow of the first gymnastic class looked like.

04:25 – Who is this class for?

04:50 – What can gymnastics do for athletes in an everyday WOD setting, even if we don't feel like the most advanced athletes in the gym?

06:15 – Injury prevention

07:00 – Losses in gymnastic skills during quarantine: Blame the chalk

7:58 – The CrossFit pyramid, where gymnastics fall 

9:30 – What to expect when walking into the gymnastics class

11:00 – Memorable moments of the first class

12:00 – Don't forget to reserve your spot! + Outro