How to Scale Pistols (Single-Leg Squats)

The Single-Leg Squat (commonly known in the CrossFit lexicon as a "pistol") can be an intimidating movement to tackle, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Put the Rx athletes out of mind-- this is an infinitely scalable movement, with benefits for every athlete. Nearly all of us know we have one leg that is stronger than the other, and if scaled properly, the pistol is a great opportunity to work on that unilateral (single-side) strength and create more symmetry.

Coach Dane shares one of his favorite pistol progressions, along with three variations to help keep you challenged as you get stronger. (Want more? Scroll for details on his upcoming Pistol Workshop!)


No pistols yet? Or maybe you have them, but only a few at a time. Or maybe one leg is WAY stronger than the other.

We're gonna dig into the nitty-gritty of Pistol progressions for Level 1 + 2 athletes this Saturday, August 4, 10:15–11:45 AM. This workshop is capped, so purchase your ticket now!

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