Jason’s Daily WOD Habit Keeps the Doctor Away

Jason Stewman has the consistency formula down pat, and it’s paying off in multiple ways!

Jason, 43, is a long-term health care coordinator. A few years ago he began to find himself bored and lonely in his workouts.

jason stewman crossfit 9 st pete fl before and after review testimonial

“Before CrossFit, I started running 5Ks, and was running 3 to 5 times a week….but it started getting boring and I had hit a plateau. Plus I worked from home, and running didn’t provide any extra socialization– which I needed.”

Classmates will tell you Jason tends to be reserved and laid-back. But once you get him talk, he’s happy to bond with his CrossFit9 family over a tough WOD.

Jason Stewman transformation before and after crossfit 9 st pete fl

Jason is originally from Sylva, NC, where he got his first taste of the kool-aid at Catamount CrossFit.

“My sister-in-law said she would do CrossFit if I would, and we joined a local box on-ramp. A few months after the class ended, I moved back to St. Pete. I tried a couple of affiliates before I found CrossFit9.”

Mural: "Golden Wave" by Ya la'Ford, downtown St. Pete, FL Crossfit 9 jason stewman testimonial

Mural: “Golden Wave” by Ya la’Ford, downtown St. Pete, FL

Jason says CrossFit9’s proximity to his home downtown was an initial draw, but the other amenities and sense of community made it a great fit.

“My first impression of CrossFit9 was that it has great space, good equipment, and lots of options for classes and class times. My first few months as a 9’er were spent trying to figure out which classes worked best for me and to keep me on a great schedule. Loved the 7:00 AM WODs and my classmates! (Miss you guys and gals. I have been switching it up lately and going various times.)”

Even by shaking up his class schedule, Jason is disciplined about making WODs a part of his daily lifestyle. He’s usually in the gym 5-6 times per week. His training consistency helped him change his mindset and start craving better habits in other areas of his life!

“When I started CrossFit I was eating terribly, smoking cigarettes, and drinking at least a 2 liter Diet Coke daily. I no longer smoke, watch what I am eating and drinking, and making sure I am taking care of myself. I feel better about myself, sleep better, and feel great!”

Jason Stewman transformation before and after crossfit 9 st pete fl-2

“Since joining CrossFit9 my cholesterol and blood pressure have been within a healthy range. The doctor was once considering putting me on medications, but thanks to CrossFit9 I have avoided that for now!! I have also gained muscle and cut body fat. I am very happy about my progress.”

Jason’s progress goes well beyond the physical.

“CrossFit9 helps maintain my mental health, emotional stability, and well-being, which helps me in my everyday life for sure!”

jason stewman crossfit 9 st pete fl before and after review testimonial

“Most days I amaze myself with what I can accomplish. I usually look at the WOD before class, and think to myself… well, I can’t do that, but I am going to try my best. I am happy that I am getting much better with pull-ups!”

Jason’s fitness isn’t confined to the box. He also likes to enter the occasional obstacle race!

jason stewman crossfit 9 st pete fl obstacle race

Other athletes would be wise to emulate Jason’s mindset combination of consistency and goal-setting.

“I want to work on getting Double Unders down, and want to work on getting a muscle-up. CrossFit9 coaches and community have helped motivate me daily and continue to motivate me.”

If you’re reading Jason’s story and feel a spark of inspiration, he has some advice.

“I would tell someone to just join, and I don’t think I could live without CrossFit so, I know it was the right choice for me.

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jason stewman crossfit 9 downtown st pete fl pale horse tes one mural state theatre

Mural: Pale Horse x Tes One at State Theatre, downtown St. Pete, FL


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