Five Bullet Friday 180706

Good Friday evening, #9Nation!

• We already know our 9'ers are in the healthy minority, but new stats show only one in five Floridians gets enough exercise, lower than the national average. (That's a great reason to invite a friend to a free 9HIIT class!)

• We know mental wellness is inextricably linked with physical health, and that's a great reason to tick off a few of these simple ways to be happier.

• Magnesium is a natural way to get deeper sleep for better recovery. This is one of the supplements we put in our Amazon cart again and again. *

• If food prep is in your weekend plans, this one-sheet wonder has everything you need for a delicious meal, including inflammation-busting turmeric.

• We won't name names, but one of the CrossFit9 Coaches (rhymes with Schnick) will be making these Dairy and Gluten Free Protein Donuts.

*CrossFit9 could make a small amount of revenue from purchases using this link. 

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