Rebecca’s CrossFit9 Story

“I was told to go ‘grab a 400’ with the other foundations students. After I found out what that meant and with my Olivia Newton John sneakers tied tightly, I started out the door running with everyone. I got to about 50 meters when I stopped for some air. I walked the rest of the way to the stop sign (the halfway mark). A coach by the name of Zack ran to meet me and encouraged me to jog back to the box. I cried. I couldn’t. I was embarrassed and I could barely breathe. Zack stayed with me the entire time.

“I promised my wife I would give this CrossFit thing six weeks. Then, I could quit. Yay. That is how Kelly got me to go. I was totally going to quit after six weeks. I came home every night and cried because I did not want to be there, but I knew I only had to give it five more weeks. What a wimp I was!

“Thank goodness for the six week promise.

“Week two got a little better, week three, not so bad, week four…was I actually beginning to tolerate this? I was feeling a little stronger. I liked my new CrossFit9 family. Everyone was so nice and supportive. They made it EASY for me to keep going.

“A year and a half and thirty pounds ago I could not even jog 100 meters. This past weekend I completed a six mile, twenty-five obstacle “Savage Race” with my wife and CrossFit9 team.

“CrossFit9 works, cares, supports, lives and loves.”

Rebecca Meyer
Age 50